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88.5 FM Eveningswith AJ (Weekdays from 9pm - 12am)

The suave, sophisticated AJ entertains our evening audience at 88.5 FM. (She’s looking over our shoulder.)

(OK, she’s gone now.)

An engineer by training, AJ is often found tangled in mounds of cable while fine-tuning technical issues at the station. She questioned engineering as a full time profession when she learned it did not involve wearing overalls or shouting, “all aboard!”

Inspired at an early age by the transcendent magic of the Spirograph, AJ became one of the nation’s preeminent practitioners of Lite Brite technology by the age of five. Today, her creative juices flow through in the form of critically-acclaimed fine art painting and creative writing. She also serves as a producer and on-camera host of television programming showcasing the arts and community events.

A native of Southern California, AJ regularly gives back to the community by hosting live broadcasts of events like National Night Out and the Laguna Beach Sawdust Festival. A lifelong learner, education is one of her passions.

Growing up, AJ can’t remember a time when the radio was not on. She’s honored to share her love of music and broadcasting every weeknight on 88.5 FM.

Send E–mail to: aj@885fm.org

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