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Tag: Dave Mason and the Quarantines

Feelin’ Alright

Published 15 months ago by AJ Edmonds

What do you do when you’re stuck? Phone a friend! Wait, that’s for “Millionaire,” not quarantine. Maybe phone a few friends? Hey, let’s get together and form a band!

Dave Mason did just that, but not just any band... how about Sammy Hagar, Michael McDonald, Mick Fleetwood, John McFee, Tom Johnston, Pat Simmons, his son, Pat Jr. and drummer Alvino Bennett? Wow, right ?! Can’t get together, everyone’s quarantining, but we can build it, we have the technology.... hey, it’s not the Six Million Dollar Man, it’s...

Dave Mason and the Quarantines! Next, they needed a song, something upbeat, something familiar, there’s comfort in that, maybe sing along too... so that you're… Feelin’ Alright!

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