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Øzwald: As The Crow Flies

ØZWALD's debut record is out now called Sweet Delirium.

Former Blondfire/Lost Beach member Steve Stout teams up with Lifehouse’s Jason Wade in a paisley and modern-vintage colored kaleidoscope. Fueled by heartbreak and a new found friendship, the debut album, Sweet Delirium, was written and recorded in 12 days. Now... the band releases the AS THE CROW FLIES video. This is the 88.5 FM debut. 

‘As The Crow Flies’ looks at the idea that there are no shortcuts to getting through life and all of the years, but simultaneously our memories of our younger selves feel timeless within our minds. It’s as if some days our younger and older selves are living in tandem, side by side, speculating about each-other.  Held separate only by the notion that time is linear, reinforcing the idea that there’s “a thousand more miles of life to cross As The Crow Flies”… when really the most direct path between our oldest and youngest selves might be closer and more direct than we think.

The ‘As The Crow Flies’ music video features fellow ALLSWELL RECORDS artists R.W. Roldan and Nic Luken.


“'As the Crow Flies' takes us on a hazy psych-tinged rock journey through life’s big questions of purpose, place, and meaning — leaving us with a sense of conviction and self-confidence that we can lead the way for ourselves." - Atwood Magazine

"Don’t even try and stop your feet from bouncing around the floor to the warm acoustic tones." - idobi

"Dominated by cheerful whistles and handclaps that recall artists like Portugal the Man and the Great Depression, the song's clean guitar strums, steady beat, rebelliously hip verses, and victoriously radiant choruses make it an infectiously motivational morsel that sparks sing-along exhilaration." - Pop Matters

"The pair bring an exceptionally full sound to their recordings, combining elements of rock and indie from all generations." - PlaylistPlay

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