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New Single: Semisonic - ‘All It Would Take’


In 2020, Semisonic will show fans, contrary to their hit song, it isn’t closing time just yet. The 90s  alternative-rock band releases their second single “All It Would Take,” from their upcoming EP, You’re Not Alone, set to release September 18 via Pleasuresonic Recordings/Megaforce Records.

Dan Wilson had this to say about the new single:

“I feel that in each of our lives, there is the possibility of meeting that one person who will change the way we see everything, a person who will give us a sense of new meaning, a mission, a passion. “All it Would Take” is my song for that moment, that person, that one voice that can change the world within you. Then you can turn outward and begin to change the world around you, too.”

-Dan Wilson

Semisonic - All It Would Take

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