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Music Director Picks #2: Elvis Costello, Charles Bradley, Mountain Man

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88.5 FM receives so much music on a daily basis... CDs, downloads, reissues, box sets, cassette tapes, vinyl records and more. Songs are generally chosen by committee at the station, but it's the job of the music director to go through the stacks and stacks with a fine tooth comb. This blog may include major label releases, independent artists, even random submissions for your listening pleasure. 

Music Director Picks #2

Elvis Costello & The Imposters - Unwanted Number

"Look Now" is the first album Costello has made with The Imposters since 2008 and his first new album since the collaboration with The Roots in 2013. The first single "Unwanted Number" sounds like an instant classic from an artist who has written many timeless songs throughout his career. 88.5 FM will be presenting an upcoming Elvis Costello show on November 28th at House Of Blues Anaheim and the new album is available now.


Charles Bradley - Can't Fight The Feeling

Charles Bradley would have turned 70 this year. In celebration of his extraordinary life, "Black Velvet" will be released... ten studio recordings never before included on any album. This is not considered an anthology, greatest hits or rehashing of songs that already made him famous. This album features never before released tracks from all phases of Bradley's career, mostly with producer and friend Thomas "TNT" Brenneck. Bradley almost single-handedly put the neo-soul movement on the map. 


Mountain Man - Rang Tang Ring Toon

Simplicity. Harmony. It's like slipping into a warm bath after a long day on the job. This is a track from Mountain Man's second studio album "Magic Ship". This beautiful songwriting and 3 part harmony, whether acapella or accompanied by instruments, has captured our attention. Since forming the group, this trio has blossomed into a friendship with incredible musical chemistry, no matter how many years it takes to produce a record.