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Music Director Picks #19: Desure, Foxygen, Addi McDaniel

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88.5 FM receives so much music on a daily basis... CDs, downloads, reissues, box sets, cassette tapes, vinyl records and more. Songs are generally chosen by committee at the station, but it's the job of the music director to go through the stacks and stacks with a fine tooth comb. This blog may include major label releases, independent artists, even random submissions for your listening pleasure. 

Music Director Picks #19


“Music is therapy, straight up. I have to release it, or else I get in my head. It starts with a need to say what’s on my mind and what I’m feeling.” Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, Desure is an up-and-coming artist who actually started off as Midland’s tour manager until they needed someone to open their set and they threw him on the bill. Now with sold out tours supporting Midland and acclaim from the likes of Rolling Stone within a year since his emergence, Desure writes, “Los Angeles, you’re killing me. Lord, I can’t live on two hours sleep. With a daily dose put up my nose to the women we talk to after shows, it’s a simple reminder of what’s to come when I say I won’t—but wind up drunk.”



The enormousness influential Foxygen are back. Here's a new song from their Seeing Other People album out April 26. Let's celebrate the new release by quoting a tweet from vocalist and front man Sam France, typos and all: "I PREDICT...That this song fades into irrelevancy with an unsatisfying view count. Hey that's what the songs about right. I CALLED IT. DON'T LSITEN TO/WRITE ABOUT THIS SONG/RECORD, it's irrelevant, not worth you or any critics' time."



“When I’m singing, I’m searching. Every song, every performance is a search for answers, an exploration of what it means to be a whole person.” Addi McDaniel's solo album features some original songs and some covers like this Andrew Bird song. McDaniel grew up in a vibrantly musical household in St. Augustine, FL, where she enjoyed a childhood surrounded by instruments and an endless series of impromptu jam sessions. This music and theater student is also a member of the duo Addi & Jacq and some of the most talented musicians lend their talents to Addi's album After The News