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Hear At Home with Ray Lamontagne

Hear At Home with Ray Lamontagne

In this Hear at Home interview, join 88.5 FM's midday host, Julie Slater, for her discussion with singer-songwriter and musician Ray LaMontagne!

Slater reveals to LaMontagne that she was inspired to name her dog after him and explains the similar traits her dog, Rayla, shares with Ray LaMontagne. All jokes aside, we also find out what sort of music LaMontagne gravitates toward when he's feeling down and searching for something uplifting or when he's looking for inspiration.

"A lot of my early years making music was really all about a primal scream… I have a very difficult time relating to that guy," LaMontagne says about his early work, "I'm so far removed from my younger self. It's hard for me to relate to those songs."

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