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Songs From 88.5 FM Artists During Self-Isolation

In these unprecedented times, some of us have been blessed with more time than we know what to do with. Cleaning out your closet, learning how to juggle, and working out for the first time in your life are all great ways to spend your new time. Fortunately, instead of partaking in the aforementioned vital tasks; Benjamin Gibbard, Mavis Staple, Matt Costa, and John Paul White have all utilized their time to create songs that will resonate deeply with all of us during these self-isolated days. 


Benjamin Gibbard - Life In Quarantine

Death Cab For Cutie’s Ben Gibbard has made an acoustic lullaby that invokes the sights and feelings that we have all been feeling during these times. In this track Gibbard’s lyrics use simple dialect however it creates a very deep message. Gibbard lives up in Seattle and has seen first hand the very real danger of the current situation.

Benjamin Gibbard - Life in Quarantine

Mavis Staples - All In It Together

In a slightly different tone, Mavis Staples has created a great gospel/country song that preaches the need for all of us to work together and get along. The rhythm guitar sounds like something pop staples might have put together. Once we all get out of our houses let us march back to our normal lives with this track as our anthem.

Mavis Staples - All In It Together

Matt Costa - Human Kinda Song

An echoey dreamscape produced by Huntington Beach's very own Matt Costa. This track puts the listener in a coma as the music flows by like a river. Something about Costa’s vocal inflection just draws the listener in. In addition, the lyrics carry quite a lot of meaning. Check it out!

Matt Costa - Human Kinda Song

John Paul White & Rosanne Cash - We're All In This Together Now

The Civil Wars’ John Paul White creates an up-close and personal ballad featuring Johnny Cash’s oldest daughter Rosanne Cash. This one is a real tear jerker so be warned. Besides the great timbre of their vocals in harmony, this track references the need for everyone to get along in these dire times.

John Paul White ft. Rosanne Cash - We're All In This Together Now


Well, all of us at the Independent 88.5 FM thank you for taking the time, and reading up on some of our favorite artists and how they are using music to help bring the entire universe together. Be sure to drop us a line and inform us on how many jigsaw puzzles you’ve completed in quarantine.