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U2's Experience Follows Up Innocence

Two years ago, U2 surprised the world by releasing their album for free to anyone with iTunes. The band felt that Songs Of Innocence represented the band and should be shared with the everyone. Of course that led to some criticism and much confusion from people who were not U2 fans, but the release truly was a look into their personality. It explored what drives the band with many flashbacks to the violent Ireland they grew up in.

Now they return with Songs Of Experience, out December 1st, and our early taste of the new music seem to be just that, a view of what their lives have taught them with a more adventurous sound. Bono's own brush with mortality after his serious Central Park bike accident also inspired many of the words he wrote.

"The Blackout" is the most modern song we've heard so far with a strong baseline. At it's core the song highlights the hope that Bono typically includes in his lyrics, going back to how he saw Ireland overcome the violence, and he talks about how problems will arise but there's always a way out.

"You're The Best Thing About Me" is a love song Bono wrote after dreaming he ruined his relationship with wife Ali. It extends to how many of the best things in life can be the easiest to destroy.

"Get Out Of Your Own Way" builds upon that idea that humans can be self destructive and promotes the need for love to overcome evil in the world.

The band takes the new album on the road next year and stops by The Forum on May 15th. They are using Ticketmaster Verified Fan to fight scalping so if you're interested in purchasing tickets, you must sign up at u2.tmverifiedfan.com by Saturday, November 16th to purchase tickets. All tickets go on sale Monday, November 20th