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Category: Local Spotlight

Local Spotlight: Joey Dosik

Published 9 days ago by Marc Kaczor

Joey Dosik, praised by Quincy Jones and musicians everywhere, releases his debut EP! 

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Local Spotlight: Marina V

Published 19 days ago by Marc Kaczor

Independent artist Marina V is one of the hardest working musicians in the Los Angeles area. Check out her latest video for BORN TO THE STARS and more. 

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88.5 FM Presents: Sam Morrow Record Release Show

Published 22 days ago by Marc Kaczor

It's the SAM MORROW record release show at THE PEPPERMINT CLUB. Also featuring CALICO THE BAND and TROUBLE IN THE WIND. We couldn't be more excited about this one! Enjoy some great, local Americana/Country Music. 

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Local Spotlight: Aura Bakker & Little Temple

Published 28 days ago by Marc Kaczor

Southern California songwriter Aura Bakker is at it again. This talented musician shares a new song and new video with her project Little Temple. 


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Local Spotlight: Trubdr. Adam Road

Published 28 days ago by Marc Kaczor

LA based singer and musician Trubdr. Adam Road releases "Ain't No Love". 

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Local Spotlight: Fernando Perdomo

Published 2 months ago by Marc Kaczor


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Local Spotlight: Nina Francis

Published 3 months ago by Marc Kaczor

Award winning San Diego musician Nina Francis came to 88.5 FM studios in Los Angeles to talk about the release of her debut LP "Between Dreams".

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Local Spotlight: Lexie Rose

Published 4 months ago by Marc Kaczor

Currently gearing up to release her debut EP, Lexie Rose is an Americana pop singer songwriter who, since her debut club performance at age 13, has backed her bold confidence...

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